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Massage and Birth Doula

We are now offering Massage and Birth Doula Services by Kim McNiece of Blessed Beginnings!  Massage appointments are at 24 Salt Pond Road #G-10.

Kim McNiece, LMT: BlessedBeginningsRI@hotmail.com www.BlessedBeginningsRI.com


Massage Services:
Client Controlled
Infant Massage

Doula and Birth Services:

Swedish Massage~$75
This modality can be useful for anyone. Most of our other modalities use Swedish Massage as a foundation. Swedish Massage has been shown to aid in reducing pain, reducing joint stiffness, improving function of joints, helps with poor circulation, relieves constipation, reduces depression, reduces blood pressure, reduces heart rate, relaxes muscles, releases muscle tension and stress, lowers anxiety, stimulates the release of endorphins and serotonin, prevents scar tissue, increases the flow of lymph, and improves sleep. These are just a few benefits. All parts of the body are given attention in order that they may work well together for the well-being of the client.

Client Controlled Massage~$75                
This modality is geared toward victims of abuse and clients with sensory issues. We are not trained doctors or professionals in these fields, but we do recognize a need for healthy touch in these categories of clientele. These treatments are done according to the client’s need and level of comfort. Some of the variables that the client can control are not limited to but include: the amount of time a treatment takes, positioning, lighting, clothing, having company in the room, room temperature, music, parts of body being worked on, and aromatherapy. There is constant client/practitioner communication and feedback. We offer this option in order to restore wellness associated with touch.

Fertility Massage~$75                                            
This modality is offered to women and their spouses/significant others who are trying to get pregnant. There are many reasons for women not to be able to bear children and although we do not guarantee pregnancy, we do promote and recognize the benefits of massage for some of the complications associated with infertility. Massage can help relax muscles and tissues allowing blood to circulate and cleanse them of toxins, help women with hormone-related difficulties, as well as induce relaxation which calms any stress related issues for either the woman or the man.

Prenatal Massage~$75                          
This modality is offered to women who are pregnant. Although miscarriage due to massage during the first trimester is a prevalent concern, we work on anyone experiencing a healthy pregnancy at any point in the pregnancy should they choose. Prenatal Massage has been proven to reduce stress levels, ease back and foot pain caused by changes in posture, reduce swelling of feet and ankles, reduce fatigue, alleviate sciatica and sinus congestion, improve skin elasticity, reduce stretch marks, improve sleep, improve digestion, stabilize hormone levels, relax and sooth the baby, increase blood circulation to all areas of the body (including the placenta) bringing nutrients, helping the body effectively remove waste products and reduce pelvic pain. We do encourage eating a small meal or snack before this massage in order to reduce the risk of dizziness or nausea that may occur after not eating for an extended period.

Postpartum Massage ~$75                          
This modality is geared toward women who have given birth. Whether the baby is 50 minutes or 50 years old, women are often burdened with many effects of childbirth. This massage can alleviate the "postpartum blues" by stabilizing hormone levels, speed up the healing of muscles, ligaments and tissues after birth, relieve muscle soreness and fatigue; and stimulate milk let down reflex. We also teach a self-breast massage to those clients experiencing breast tenderness or pain.

Doula and Birth Services

Birth Doula ~ $1000
As your Birth Doula, Kim will plan to meet with you at least twice during your pregnancy to get to know you and your birth partner and/or birth team. When labor begins, we will meet you at your home or hospital/birth center and be there with you until after your baby is born. After the birth, we will be there for 1-2 hours, offering breastfeeding support if desired. We love to meet with each family at least once after the birth as well!

Blessingway~ $300
It would be our pleasure to facilitate a Blessingway for you. We will work with you and your family to create a beautiful ceremony to honor your pregnancy, birth and journey to motherhood. Blessingway ceremonies typically include a birth necklace making, inspirational readings and notes or words of encouragement from friends and family to the new mother.

Placenta Encapsulation~ $200
Available for doula clients only

Post- Partum Doula~ $30 per hour (16 hour minimum)
As your Post-Partum Doula, we will meet with you in your home before your baby is born to help you and your family come up with a plan to help adjust to your new addition(s). Post-Partum doula care includes listening as new moms talk about their feelings, births and new babies, lactation counseling, taking care of your baby while you shower, sleep or take time for yourself, basic meal preparation, help in organizing your home, and information and education regarding baby care.

*Both Birth Doula Care and Post-Partum Doula Care make a great gift for new moms and moms-to-be!

*We also offer scholarships and consider barter offers for any birth or postpartum doula services. 

For more information on Birth and Postpartum Doulas, see DONA International.



Kim McNiece

LMT, HCHD, DONA Trained PostPartum Doula, CD(DONA), Infant Massage USA CEIM, International Association of Infant Massage CIMI

RI Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Hypnobabies® Hypno-Doula, Hypnobabies Birth Doula, DONA Trained PostPartum Doula, DONA Certified Birth Doula, Certified MotherMassage Therapist, Certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructor and Mother Roaster, Infant Massage USA Certified Educator of Infant Massage, International Association of Infant Massage Certified Infant Massage Instructor


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